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  The Police Inspector
The Police Inspector

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Dvd Code: SR23295
Price: £26.00
Studio: Connoisseur CP
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL


The Police Inspector is a rather naughty punishment-themed dvd from the Connoisseur CP stable. Nurse Fisher returns to her car, to find a WPC staring at her tax discholder, which is empty. She pleads with the uniformed officer not to write her a ticket. An alternative is suggested (corporal punishment), to which she reluctantly agrees. Back home, the policewoman takes a dominant role, and is soon spanking the nurse across her knee! When she pulls Nurse Fisher's panties down, it is obvious that the nurse has recently been disciplined by her husband - so the officer insists on seeing the Fisher couple's array of weapons! When Mister Fisher returns home unexpectedly, he gives the WPC a taste of her own medicine! There are more twists and turns in store in this tale of suburban spanking - and they all involve buttocks, glowing red with the aftermath of pervy punishment!

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