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  Real Punting 13
Real Punting 13

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Dvd Code: SD17474
Price: £20.00
Studio: Real Punting
Director: Jay Kennedy
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: NTSC
Kerry Louise
Kiesha Kane


Real Punting 13 delivers another unique insight into the real lives of British escorts as punters Joe and Joel take on five more hot babes in their quest to find Britain's best call girl. These working girls will do anything your heart desires - but for a price! Charming Red is from Brighton and, like most teenagers, she loves the clubbing scene. Although she is only 18 years old, she has had some interesting sexual experiences already - including sex on a roundabout during daylight hours and a threesome on a beach at night. Charming Red has been escorting for only four or five months but she soon shows Joe the wealth of her experience. The two start by kissing before Red pops Joe's cock into her mouth. The attention she pays is superior for one so young and, at Joe's suggestion, she gets on all fours on the bed. He inserts his cock into her pussy and starts fucking. Joe gasps that she is so tight and has to slow down the pace for a minute. Nothing like a tight teen pussy! He knobs her in mish for a bit then asked her to get on top. She happily obliges and squats on his cock. She rides him reverse and cowgirl before finally Joe can take no more and unloads his wad onto her rosy cheek. Katie Kat is a fun and friendly 24 year old with great body. Originally from Manchester, she used to be a lap dancer but heard about escorting and started working for an agency. Katie ends the chat by asking Joel if he wanted a massage. Joel did not need asking twice and Katie shows him into her bedroom. Joel strips down and gets on the bed whilst Katie removes her skirt and grabs the baby oil. As Katie climbs on top of Joel and starts to massage, she undoes her top and gets her tits out. She proceeds to give Joel a body-to-body massage, touching up every one of his erogenous zones. He pushes his burning cock into Katie's snatch and bangs away, struggling not to cum. Katie then hops on top and shoves his cock up her tight pussy once again. Katie is energetic on top and bounces up and down with enthusiasm. Joel spins her around so that her head is right under his cock and she wanks him hard until he splatters all over her chin. Donna is a slim, petite and very sexy MILF. Joe too gets a sexy massage but this babe is a terrible tease and kisses his body slowly finally paying his cock some attention. At first she licks up and down the shaft and around the bell end before engulfing his throbbing member. She then slowly and seductively rims his arse, which turns Joe on immensely and when he can take no more, he turns her onto all fours and jams his cocks deep into her pussy. Turning her around, he mounts her mish and tenderly bites her nipples. Donna then gets on top and rides Joe like Grand National stallion. Sensing that Joe was close to blowing his load, Donna squats down so that his knob is perfectly lined up with her mouth and as she wanks his dick, he gasps that he's cumming and squirts a load of white, hot spunk all across her face. Another very satisfied customer. Two more fit and fun escorts while away the afternoon with punters Joe and Joel. It's a cash for gash situation and both guys have no complaints! Real Punting 13 is over two hours of exquisite escort action! Cast: Donna, Kiesha Kane, Charming Red, Katie Kat, Kerry Louise, Others

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